Sticky Bandits Slot

Sticky Bandits is an online slot game with 30 pay lines, 5 rows and reels. The wild feature increases your chances for big wins! This Western-themed Quickspin machine has its spinning plateaus set against a desert landscape that includes railway tracks and cacti to represent the setting’s inhospitable climate – not usually found in such beautiful places but rather indicative of how tough life was back then… or maybe just perfect design? You decide when playing this amazing new release from these pros at slots gaming who always produce top-notch work anyway (QuikSpin).

Free Spin Features

The bright colours and cool tunes in Sticky Bandits make for a theme that is fun to watch and listen to! Western-themed images on each side of the reel with cacti plants, dunes (which could be valuable), and canyons – all set against an awesome background. The under slot has Quickspin’s signature orange button where you will find everything from how much money has been won/lost over time right down through monitoring functions such: as spinning reels etc…

The reels of this slot contain symbols such as dynamite sticks and gold coins. There are also Western elegance playing cards A, J, K Q in addition to three renegade warriors on each side!

The female bandit is a symbol that gives you 200 coins in 5 pay lines. Most notably, Sticky Bandits have 2 massive wild symbols which substitute for all other substitutable positions on an entire reel- this makes them extremely lucrative and can even take over half of your reels! These 2 big guys act like bonus rounds where they substitute any regular winning combination making it easier than ever before to get those extra rewards without going bust early on…

Quickspin’s new slot, Sticky Bandits, is a colourful and fast-paced experience that will leave you on your toes. With five reels filled with symbols like bells or hearts; it’s not hard to see why this game would be popular among players looking for some high-stakes fun!

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Free Spin Features

How to Play

Gunfights are always tricky. You need to adjust your range before engaging in one, so place the coin’s denomination and then click on “Total Bet.” autoplay will make sure that you never miss out by letting those reels turn without disruption automatically for specific numbers of times determined through input parameters (1-$2).

There’s nothing worse than getting a symbol that doesn’t pay anything. The 5×5 grid is full of low-paying icons like poker cards and cowboys, but there are some other pretty bad ones too! You’ll find golden coins (which may be worth something) as well as stacks of cash or dynamites – which can both give you extra chances at winning big if they land on your reels in this game .

Why Play Sticky Bandits?

  • It contains the achievement engines from Quickspin
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Exciting free spin bonuses
  • Magnificent graphics
  • Fantastic and cool theme

Free Spin Features

The free spin feature is activated when the bonus icon appears on any of your bet lines. You will be awarded seven additional spins if that same symbol shows up again in positions two or four as well!

When you activate the wild, it will remain fixed on any one position for the whole period of this feature. For instance, if our example had 1st and 2nd reel covered by a Wild symbol, then no matter what other symbols come along during free spins rounds, they would all be frozen in place without being able to move around or get replaced like normal!

The second time you land on this raid, it’s sure to be lucrative for your bankroll as the other players grab their share of gold and pay up.

The atmosphere surrounding free spins is electric. The train races down the track, leaving an impression that you are pursuing it at a remarkable speed like in movies! It’s fast-paced and exciting with all these bonus features to pick from – not too long ago did we have this much fun?

The free spins are short, but the rewards they bring will make up for it.

The free spin feature provides the most significant wins due to sticky wilds. Every time you land on this symbol, it can multiply your total stake up by a factor of 739!

Is Sticky Bandits Slot Worth a Spin?

The game offers all the excitement of slots with wilds and stacked symbols. It has heart-pondering moments as well as exciting wins!

The slot machine is perfect for any player who wants to play with minimal money. It has an RTP of 96%. If you land on 5 Lady Bandit pay lines, the jackpot will be awarded 600 coins per line–or 200x your stake! You can also win up to 66 510 – this one spin could give out more than what was put in at first!


Sticky Bandits is a great slot machine with an interesting theme and tons of fun. The players love the variety in gameplay, as it offers high payouts for those who know how to play their cards right and low ones, so even newbies can win some coins too! This game has moderate variance, which means that you’re likely going from winning big one minute then barely anything at all another few minutes later because wild symbols show up frequently throughout any given round, making things extra unpredictable overall.